Daddy I dont understant

I wrote this poem some years ago, I was young its full of mixed emotions..over what my dad had/was putting me through.

How could you?
I just don’t understand
I must be a moron because I cant let go
I cant let go of you even after all you have done NO
I don’t understand why you hurt people
or why it is that the booze is so appealing to you
yep go ahead call me dumb
go on I dear you too
tell me I am too much like my mum
I don’t care at least im not like you
tell me im stupid you never loved me
go on I dear you too
coz I know other wise
yes I know the truth
every time I look at you I see it in your eyes
you don’t tell the truth and I believe your lies
but this is one lie I can see through I see the truth in your eyes
OH in your eyes
I may be dumb but I can see
the way you really feel about me
so I ask why?
Why the lies the hurt and the pain???
from it all what do you gain
seeing me cry knowing you can screw with my head... my heart
WOW that’s shallow a new low
even for your when passing out is your art

you can turn and leave
like you always do
but daddy you should know by now you cant stop me
you cant stop my heart I don’t switch my emotions off at will
God the only way you can look at me is when your drunk
am I that ugly do you hate me that much
there isn’t really an answer is there???
This is just the scum you are

The End

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