Daddy Come Home

This poem is not about me but, for all the little girl who have lost their daddy's in war.

Sweet little girl, blond hair, blue eyes
Walking home from school today,
wearing her favourite dress, with a bow on the side
"Daddy's coming home today"
She whispered deep inside
With a smile she opened the door
And gently stepped inside, raising her hands up high
awaiting her father's warm embrace
But saw her mother
Tears streaming down her face
A man stood in the corner
And the smile appeared again
But when he turned around
It was an unfamiliar man
He hugged her mother
And walked away
"I'm sorry it had to be this way"
The girl stared in confusion
And for some reason, knew she should cry
Her mother looked at her, deep within her eyes
"Daddy was strong, for us and our country"
The girl ran to her room, laid down and cried
Sweet little girl, blond hair, blue eyes
Would not see her daddy that night.

© 2015 Alicia Wilson

The End

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