Dad I never had?Mature

about a dad being there for someone else while he destroyed the life of his daughter

Dad I never had?


You hold him and smile

You’re happy and thankful

You look at him for a while


When I found out I cried.

Because you’re the dad I never had

You cheated and lied

You broke me

You abused me bad


You ruined every part of me

You destroyed me beyond


When I was growing up

 You were shooting heroine

While I was crying for someone to hold me


You told me you didn’t have to care

You were never there


You were only there to hurt me

And lay your hands on me

Make me scared of life


But you can be the dad someone else dreamed of

You can be the dad I never had

As long as I was crying at night


I’m mad because your happy

I’m sitting in my room crying at night

Because of the pain you caused me

How is this fair?


You got away with nothing

And nothing to remember

But for me the memories never stops


I hate myself for it all

If only I did something sooner?

If only I told?

Why didn’t I?


To the little one in your arms

You have the dad I never had

The End

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