I don’t want to be like that…

But son,

Oh yes you do,

For don’t you love your old man,

And follow by him to?

But Da,

The smell…

It stinks? Ye right!

Sure all it is air.

Whoever thought of such a thing!

Why should you give a care?

But Da,

Your eyes…

What? They’re dim?

Well sure because I’m tired.

If I made up such ones as that

I’d long ago been fired!

But Da…


Enough’s enough.

Where’s your reason dear?

Reasons trail is cold in this,

My heart

Is filled with fear.


Why so?

Tell me son,

Don’t let me go to waste.

Well that’s your faith in destiny,

Don’t let it come

With haste.


It shouldn’t be like this…

It’s only one or two…


The smoke is not for me,

I want to be just


The End

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