° . . . . . . . . . D r e e m M e s h °

Old poem from my 360° Pyramids collection


I saw a figure in black, and I fell in love...  

Little white atoms gathered in a pool,
everything grew.
Shadow simmered under the thick lashes,
Everything we had done,
The hands we grasped and weaved,
Some seeds into the eclipse.
Goodbyes, so hard to come by.


Through sunspit grow the flowers of the untold,
We reap and we sew,
Because we're coming apart at the seams,
And in this mesh of my dreams,
I never expected to come back to you.

I never expected to see this flower grow,
I never knew that a mighty tree could stand here.

 And as I walked away, the silhouette burnt,
Just a footnote in the roots of a burning tree.



Every little lie, was another planted seed,

Little by little, they grew and placed me underneath,

Two million lies, two million seeds, two million trees,

Thats a lot of weight to lie beneath.

The End

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