D For DefamationMature

He stands there in the Courthouse,

On trial for something he didn't do.

Made out to be some sinister character,

Instigating discriminative views.


Behind sheets of bullet-proof glass,

Like a preditor in a zoo.

Being held back for our protection?

He tells his story to me and you.


Of how he's being put on trial,

By a witch with a wicked vendetta ,

And a socio-psychopathic style.

He's not a rapist.


The Jury don't look like they're buying it,

Maybe it's because he's a man,

Or because he's behind that discriminative safety glass.

A crass...Ignorant...misinterpretation of the facts


Now things are getting nervous.

As the Jury returns, and the verdict's in.

The woman plays the victim card,

But the evidence is wafer thin.

He prays they have thought logically,

And can see this complete lie.

Just a man mixing with a psycho chick,

He doesn't deserve time inside.


The verdict's in. Not Guilty!

Justice has prevailed!

An innocent man returns to life

That Bitches plan has failed!


The End

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