Cyprus Trees

Complement to Dragonflies

Ring of keys


Whistling, whispering cyprus trees

A bruised-up girl with dirty knees,

A torn-up dress, and rusted keys;

Slate-gray waves

And cyprus trees -

A little girl who watches bees,

And sings to the branches and blooms;

‘Round clover blossoms fly honeybees -

She absently plays with her bent-up keys

Singing about the storm that looms;

Slate-gray waves

And cyprus trees -

The girl who sits on cyprus knees,

Absently singing in broken keys;

But her music breaks and flees -

The cyprus that whistle in the breeze

Follow her music in mournful keys

While ‘round clover blooms fly honeybees;

She writes and sings about what she sees;

Slate-gray waves

And cyprus trees -

And to the caves, the dragon flees.

The End

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