Cuts Hurt

Any of your friends are cutting? Do you want them to stop? Read this poem of what happened to me and my friend and what happened when she went too far.

A girl is depressed,

She is feeling pain in her chest.

Her heart is torn,

Others will mourn.

She takes a knife,

And tries to end her life

The carpet is stained red,

She sat there with dread.

She hides the pain,

But she can’t hide the stain.


The next day,

She is as fragile as clay.

Her friends grow worried,

Her family is in a hurry

Before time runs out,

And they soon fall with much doubt.

They try to keep her spirit high,

But all she does is cry.


She hides the pain,

But she can’t hide the stain…

Once again,

She is in pain.

This time,

Her death bells will chime.


Families will sob in despair,

Friends will shed many tears.

As they look down at her wrists,

They clench their hands into fists.

A best friend cries to the Heavens,

Her heart soon hardens.


The best friend takes a knife,

To end her life

She will be with her friend up in Heaven,

She counts to seven…

And soon, her life will end.

No one will be in the mend.


The carpet stained red,

People lay there all lifeless and dead.

The End

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