Curtain Call: End of an Era

A (very poor)dedication to the friends most prominent in my life at school. Whether the emotions are good or not so good, they are as true and clear as I can make out. I still love them all

Please stop, no more curtain calls,

As I'm still dressed in my overalls,

All I'm feeling is cheezy and I know, that it's too breezy,

For what I want to say.

Go away, I don't want to see them,

To say goodbye ain't 'dope' or 'fly',

I wouldn't know what to say if I wrote a poem,

Apart from 'I'll miss you'.

And I'm still being handed all these shiny gifts

But I'm concentrating on that final rift

As the countdown starts and I'm handed my mich,

The sweat starts pouring, the fever spikes

'Cause all my fears have been blown away

Along with my words, nothing left to say.

Now the crimson robes, they are drawn at dawn

What kind of show is this? You can sing along

If you want because I no longer have one single damn clue

All that I can think about,

Is you.

The End

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