cursed love songs

Cursed love songs

Through all the tears and all the pain

I never left you I miss you all the same

I feel as if you left me as if you shut me out, as if you turned your heart against me without no strain of doubt

But then again you didn’t really have much of choice did you really now?

What was real I could not tell

Our love was fake or oh so real

So hard to find your heart, hidden behind that veil

Do you miss me? It’s so hard to tell empty promises seemed all you could handle

I’m hurting inside do you even care why?

Lost in my sorrows, drowned in my tears

I’ve always hoped our love would unite

But now I see it’s as dark as tomorrows night

 It seems as if you don’t really care

All you’ve really given me was cold empty air

Where our love went wrong I do not know

It used to be so pure like white winter snow.

The End

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