The event took place on October the third

It was an everyday crime that nobody had heard

The crime was so unique, it was never told

But I'm here to tell you and this is how it goes

There was a boy called Ricky and in a gang he led

They waited on the streets until they saw a kid in red

The red jacket turned down an alleyway as they scattered

They followed him quietly, till it was too dark to see the jacket

Ricky and his gang surrounded the kid in his tracks

Even though he could see nothing, he could sense the fear, infact

He could feel it through the silence as they jumped him to the floor

This kid hit the ground as they punched and kicked some more

A crowbar was racked around his head

By big boy Ricky and his handymen 

The boy struggled on the floor and helplessly reached out

Ricky stamped on his arm as it fell to the ground

The gang took the money and everything he had displayed

Ricky knelt down and pulled the boys bloody hood from his face

And looked in horror at his own baby brothers face

Bruised and raw, his baby brother wasn't sure

Ricky looked on some more and started crying on the floor

His gang fled and hid and were never seen again

And Ricky was discovered dead next to his brother Ben

The End

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