Cubic Noughts

Rhino beetles on agate of starless tar/ blue elvin foxgloves and dome pates of pewter skeletons...Brazen revenge, insatiable, you are a black hole/ A gyroscope in the mind of the masses/ Perpetual motion with jagged edges/ Thorned fractals in deep sleep...Burn do the fires of resentment/ On the battlefields of seismic screams/ O chariots on the crests of lightning/ thunder in their wake/ Upon cities, tridents incandescent fall/ Obelisks and pyramidions, Byzantine titans raze/ To carpet with ash and embers, a melancholy moon...Aloft! steins of the Harii/ You toast with saccharine liquor of wormwood/ Flambee! thy vessels of emerald anise/ To ye - slough of sorrows and roasted Pompii dolls...O metronome of extinction/ Inertia dawns and still water gathers flies/ In the very stillness they feel beyond their chard flesh and bones!

The End

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