Crystal Tear Drops

You are....

Unbearable, Disgusting, Hurtful,
And I love you.
You are everything I despise,
Everything I warned myself to stay away from.

I love you,
Without you life is unbearable.
I love you,
So much it disgusts the whispers surrounding us.
I love you,
It hurts like a bomb exploding my heart.

The pain you caused my soul to feel,
Is soothed by your very touch.
You are, the one that breaks my heart,
The one that mends it when I fall.

Our love, is the black hole
That I am falling into.
I am blinded by your darkness,
The darkness that so fearfully lights my life.

And as I write,
I see my crystal tear drops
Stain and seep through satin pages.
The ones that are slowly but forever surely withering away.

But you are, forever scarred across my heart,
And even,
Eternity will never see it fade.

The End

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