Crying Shame

A walk in the woods may (at some point) lead to you meeting a bear.

...Aren't the leaves worth it though?

It's the sound of rain,

Dripping on a plant,

that's lost the will to drink.

It's in the shape of the stars,

and the face you make,

when you're wondering.

Are we alone?

Not aliens, not ET,

Not meteorites,

Not a gas cloud,

That spazzed out,

started to think thoughts,

somehow gained a life now.

Aint no super hero coming to save us.

Only we can brave this.

But not when we tell ourselves,

we can't take this.

We've always been stronger than we know,

but we blunted our edges on each other.

Didn't take long for it bother,

As the dings and cracks,

sawing back and forth,

grated across our skin.

We would falter,

But we can't. Can't afford it,

can't begin.

To live, life haunts you.

Even ghosts have sins.

The End

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