Crying or Laughing

Why does crying sound like laughing

When you are crying for help out of desperation

Even thought you think no one can hear you?

The reason is clear, it is simply the Mocker

Hiding in the dark places, and it is he who is laughing.

He is laughing because you have thrown away all of your lifelines,

And there is no way out except through the Mocker.

He is a master of illusion, and so is his escape,

Which in reality is more of your present torment.

So you have no escape,

Or at lest that is what he wants you to think.

There is One who could help,

But you don't think he is there.

Do you?

This is why you thought NO ONE was listening,

And that NO ONE would help you.

It is also why you heard the Mocker,

And not the Fellow Crier.

The End

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