cry for change

you’ll never forget 

the first time you cried for help

and nobody answered.

Maybe it was something as simple as 

“Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?”

or maybe you were walking the tightrope line

between staying alive and staying sane,

and all you needed was someone to listen,

but no one came.

Or maybe you got a response

but it was negative,

“I’m too busy with all of my needs

to worry about another,

you’ll find help eventually”

And so you are left, hanging, 

noose around your neck,

with no one to cut you free,

you wonder if it would be better

to just jump.


It puts a chip on your shoulder,

a wrinkle in your smile,

a bruise to the most sensitive area of your heart.

But you brush it off, and go on, learning from your mistake

of thinking anyone could take the time out of their busy day

to care.

It leaves you jaded, bitter, 

and the next time you hear

somebody calling, calling for help,

you look the other way.

You were fine, so they’ll be okay.

Besides, you don’t have time for this in your life,

because you’re too wrapped up in watching your own back,

too engulfed in fixing your own problems

to be bothered with someone else.


But, the reality is,

billions of people take their residence here,

on this fragile little planet,

and everything we have done, all the greatness we have achieved

was not built on the foundation of “Me, me, me!”

and if it was, it’s crumbled, a forgotten piece of history.

If you look around, everything you see was created by people,

people working together with a shared dream.

If we can’t unite to help those in need,

for something as simple as

“Do you have a moment to hear me?”

then how will we ever see the changes we want?

How will we ever get further than how far we’ve got?

A single tree standing alone is just a decoration,

but add twenty and you have a forest,

a community.

If a tree falls there, it is heard,

down to the last root being ripped from the earth.

If we all stand together, and try to help,

it is less likely that one will be left behind.

So the next time someone asks you for something

don’t reply with “Sorry, don’t got the time.”

that’s why they made watches.


You never know the difference you can make,

the impact of your actions can create shock waves,

or maybe just a ripple, like a stone thrown into a pond,

but even a ripple

can cause change.

The End

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