All about letting things go...

The pain has been building up within me,
Collected over the years, like dust on a book,
I heave, trying to breathe freely once again,
Maybe it’s time to take a deeper look.

My chest feels like it is a ton of weight,
I look for escape, I desperately feel like crying,
No respite, I sag down into darkness and submission,
Not a soul in sight, in stillness and solitude I kept laying.

The inner conflict began, the battle for one’s rights,
Right to breathe free, and break free of the chains,
The chains that have been holding back and dragging afar,
Life the way it should be and all the bountiful gains.

I constrict, I desperately feel like crying,
Like a plane crashing into a whirling descent
To break forth from all the bounds,
Fly like a feather up the sky, reaching for the luminous crescent.

The stoic face melts away like dripping wax,
Tears flow like river; years of servitude reach an end,
In the quest for tranquility, silence and the truth,
It is bleeding, broken heart that must mend.

The End

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