Cry ! oh children cry....

we live in a world where hate thrive, where children are withheld from opportunity to a better life and eventually what are we to do ?

What are our soon to be children

to do with such a world.

sheep of society, wolf-pack leaders....

maybe even time travelers.

How are we ever to know ?

surrounded by illusions that grow

like weeds entangling our bamboo bodies

Could our soon to be homes

be build between devastation and destruction

lies and corruption our ever trusty foundation

with greed as our walls,

self-consumption our roofs.

How are we ever to last ?

constructed by nothing

other than a broken mast

sails made of paper

a sinking hull

Oh! cry children cry!

Cry out to your passions, interests, and abilities

Cry your dreams alive

fighting with a humble drive

to forever thrive

Cry! oh children cry.....

to all the ears shut and eyes closed,

to all the backs turned and locked doors.

Cry to embrace



Cry for true life infusion.

The End

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