I wrote this when I was in middle school, but it still is my favorite piece of writing I've done.

Just dance

Crumble your heart

Fall into the Devil's arms

He makes you feel weak

Filth, all around

Dancing naked while crumbling on the floor

My dream of redemption

He listens

But doesn't tell

Her soul continues to dance as her body crumbles

On the bed

He tells her she's beautiful

She hates him


My last stand was nothing but

Fake smiles

I danced with the fiend

His wounded eyes spoke

Told me I was pretty

He held my sinful hand while dancing

It crumbled

War started

Everyone was powerless

The Devil made them


Crumble at my feet while dancing

Sing my name aloud


The angel had a tear on her cheek

I wiped it away

She crumbled at my dirty fingertips

Will he ever play viola again?

His saints eyes are gone


Eternity we used to have

Now we descend into the grave



The End

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