Cruel World

Description of a negative world we live in

Welcome to a cruel cruel world where nothing is wrong,

not a stripper in a nightclub, not a see-through thong,

and don't you try and change now that just move along,

or I'll send six feet under back where you belong.


Welcome to a cruel cruel world that is driven by greed,

where you'll be judged by your colour and creed.

and if everyones making money theres really no need,

to worry about families with extra mouths to feed.


Oh here you'll be stabbed in back,

shot through heart,

murdered in your sleep,

that's just the start.


Welcome to a cruel cruel world where you'll walk down the road,

a car will drive by and your head will explode.

You're dead with one shot there's no need to reload,

we won't clear up the mess just take what you owed.


Oh here you'll be punched in the face,

poison at rise,

hammered in the head,

that's no suprise.


Welcome to a cruel cruel world where you'll learn how to cope,

you'll drink yourself to death or get high on dope.

And if you're in jail then there really no hope,

just watch your back when you pick up the soap.


Oh here we'll chop you up,

claw out your eyes,

you should believe,

I've no need for lies.

The End

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