Crossing Paths: PoemsMature

A collection of Poems i have made up myself.
Please give me your thoughts on what you think of them as this is my first real attempt at them.

Drifting Apart

The world outside is cold and cloudy,

 Rain splatters against the window.

I sit alone and think of you and what we have been through,

And wait for you to call me back.


We drifted apart as we got older,

We kept in contact for a little while.

But we soon ended up at the bottom of each other’s pile

I miss the girl I used to know, the friend I used to have.


Old pictures of us together,

When we were young, innocent and carefree.

What happened to those simple days?

Those easily arranged sleep over’s?


I was ready to give more to you,

To be the best friend I could ever be.

But see, you left, or maybe I did.

Things weren't just right anymore.


I guess that’s just the way the world works,

Nothing ever stays the same forever.

And maybe one day,

Our paths might cross again.

The End

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