We whispered obscenities   because that’s all we had left.

And we walked cross eyed and tongue tied down streets we didn’t really know, only because they were there to do so.


You always had big ideas and even bigger plans, we used to talk them over with a glass of champagne, or if we were feeling really classy we’d shoot them down with cheap wine or vodka, just to keep the night going.


I listened, but I don’t think I ever got the point.


 I always knew I was never enough for you,

Like the tiny chunks taken out of the green on a pool table,

I was there but ignored, and you could never do anything more but smile at me and put another dime in the jut box.


 All those late night, drunken gods I prayed to, were never enough to keep you with me,



The day you left, I ran down those unknown streets and finally knew them, how ever I can’t say the same for you.


Your memory always comes to me in the way spider webs hang around street lamps and oil sticks to the side of small puddles in the cobbled streets.


I know you’ll be there, but never when I need you.c

The End

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