crooked beauty

This poem was inspired by a phnamanal artist by the name of J-Cole and his chart topping song crooked smile this poem is for every imperfectly perfect girl out there.

so u got a crooked smile and a couple of imperfections,

But your imperfectly perfect and certinly worth it

Sometimes things happen we feel that we don't deserv it,

But don't try to fix your flaws naw go on and perserve it

matter fact go on and conserve it

Your beauties for certine I said your beauties for certine

don't let it get u down that only CERTINE people notice

listen here u need to know this

They say beauties in the eye of the beholder

and the next time your in the mirror make sure u behold her

And make sure You love her for every little flaw and every little curl

This poem right here's for every little girl

cause your beautifull go on and show it

yeah you better know it cause your beauties for certine

I said your beauties for certine

Your a crooked beauty for certine.


The End

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