Albrecht the Wise

"All that matters is family."
That's what my uncle said
But now I'm fighting Candleheads
My Uncle's long been dead.

"All that counts is conviction!"
Yelled my Captain Jay
The Astral Sea did take him, though
Like many that sad day.

Throughout my life are people
who tell me what to do.
I thought that I'd just live my life
But now I've lost that too.

Was everything worth it?
What matters in the end?
Or since I was a boy have I
Been just playing pretend?

Milady now assures me
That I have done my best
Before that'd be enough for me...
So why then can't I rest?

I miss them all so much
But I guess that serves to show:
"Never mask your love in life,
For life always lets go."

The End

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