Shiny - Glaa

I hitched a ride from Kun’kunai

Because Milady summoned me

Though I don’t regret my journey

Upon that shallow Astral Sea

‘cause Shali was just so shiny


A few months later as the tale is told,

I met Albrecht, Seven, and Brenzen the Bold

And not that I’m racist towards Dwarves or bald guys…

But Brenzen was so much cooler in my eyes

‘cause his magic was so frakkin’ shiny


I stuck close to Brenzen, but said my goodbyes

Orem and Randus replaced the other guys

We had adventures with pirates as Orem chastised

Gathering items, but just one was my prize:

Man, those twin perfect stars were so shiny


We all fought the void in that desperate war

Where my BFF Brenzen walked through death’s cold door

I protected the bombolt with my very life

And soon I succumbed to the sea’s deadly lights

At least my death was quite shiny


Now I  exist in the eternal wild

Alongside Melora, for I am her child

Though I cannot see Brenzen, I still feel so free

Melora lets me be what I want to be

And in this life…  Guess what?  Yep, I’m shiny.


The End

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