Crisis Point

Possible option for my creative writing folio for English, so not here permanently. Critiques would be helpful!

Days melt and crust over. These school hours yawn
so that dreams cascade softly, stretching out
over knowledge - they almost allow me
to forget. But fanfare cannot smother
drum - this pressing, pounding, paralytic
reminder of where I am and what I've
done. Lost corpses always seem to surface
and stink up pristine seaside getaways.
Struggle to contain myself. Flush rivers
Smuggle magnesium flesh memories;
I am a beaver with a crooked grin.

I craved lightheaded sixth birthday parties;
A fine helium asylum. But now
Red, dripping wax ossifies in my hand:
In it I see all possibility -
This blood-drenched carbon and this soul aflame.
Yet in this twilight of my youth, the moon
Wanes before I can catch it and tides ebb
Ere I can finally submerge myself
With certainty. Daylight threatens, pin sharp.
Jagged futures scatter. I cut my feet
On fragments, unsuspecting of my fate. 

The End

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