Crepe myrtle blossoms are crap

Nothing can be exchanged for love.  I don't care how far you walk. Miles don't matter, unless you've signed up to be silver elite.  and then you can at least be miserable somewhere else. Like Manchester or Paris.  Just don't take me with you please.

You make me feel like a big hollow squash. and you tap me and tap me like a doctor taps a knee or a hammer taps a drum in the middle of my middle ear.  

You're an ugly sweater, and you made me eat you up.  I tried to push away but you wriggled under my tongue and squirmed into my neck.. dribbled down my throat and dripped into my lungs. 

you made me feel so itchy. soon I started coughing and choking on the floor and all my friends were staring and hitting me on the back asking questions that don't help like "are you ok?" and  "are you ok?" and in all my gasping chaos, I needed them to know that hitting wasn't helping, I'd be better off alone.





The End

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