Creep On

A parody of Keep On by Cat Monty ( that she wanted me to upload for some reason :P

My heart keeps beating
My lungs keep breathing
But where's the point
When I stop eating?

My legs keep walking
My voice keeps talking
But it's useless
When I feel so gassy

My eyes keep seeing
My ears keep hearing
But honestly
I can't stop smelling

My hands keep clenching
My leg keeping twitch, twitch, twitching away
On my trusty little "keyboard"
Where everything pours out

Because all people see
Is the physical me
They don't glance underneath
Into my underpants

Words that show my melancholy
I'm always finding
Inside a dictionary

My pants could keep falling
My belly could keep growing
If I
Became a clown

But I won't
I'm still farting fast
About to follow through

The End

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