Creator's Wrath

Inspired by a line from an otherwise unremembered dream: "And the wrath of the creators is carved upon this door."
(it was originally "their" but I changed it to fit the context of the poem)

Colors of no earthly hue

Mockeries of natural law

Blasphemy upon this wall.


The iris grows to take the light

And shrinks when darkness swallows

And where we drown it follows.


The scarecrow stalks the crows

When you leave he says goodnight

He'll make sure you sleep real right.


A dying star guards fading life

Jealously, as though they'll run

To where their sisters spun.


A world asphyxiated

Busy as ants, we hurry

Our vision goes blurry.


Matter from no earthly plane

Piping from unnatural source

You'll scream yourself hoarse.


Our squishy vessels hang

By a single, careless thread

It doesn't end when you're dead.


Maybe you've forgotten

What we came here for

And the wrath of the creators is carved upon this door.

The End

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