creative walks

down a street

i sense a beat

the beat of rooted trees

up the montain a holy place

a warm embrace, loveing sun

into intergated senses

a precence of natures gate

stripped away all clothing

a wounded child shivering state

a pilgramige the body awaits

now a deep meaning

into a deep sea

dark monsters were lerking

they were serching for me

if God does exist

i ask just one thing

that my soul clenses

and only good memories remain

and all the trama will wash away

and my eyes will shine again

my body will be clean again

my heart will beat to its own vibration

and the demons will obey and walk away

children teach our truth

we are breathing in the earth

the earth responds to us

unlock the tresures

live ,love forever

into a gaurded castel

we are protected bye Gods divine

into rivers of golden shine

The End

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