Creative Resolutions

A young man finds creative solutions to a host of problems.

Dragged screaming into a world with no care,

Blunt trauma of the soul, all at once laid bare.

Grown out, but not up. We all just follow the leader,

The reader, he or she who would see the world is evil.

But they don't see.

And if they do they don't care.

Boots on throats, fingers tangled in our hair.

Pulling back, take it all, laid our selves bare.

But our bodies not ourselves.

Our souls are not scared.

You can take away or bodies,

but you can't take away the glare.

Our lights shine bright,

While your lights ain't there.

Yeah wallow in the darkness,

The little cage you made yourself.

Ignore the futile, the ignorant, and embrace  what's left.

The End

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