Crazy Days

All about the month when we have our most crazy days.

Crazy days come in May,

when it is time for my birthday.

There is sometimes cake, and sometimes pie.

There is special dinners and special desserts.

The days are full of happiness

and joyful times.


Crazy days come in October,

when is time for Halloween.

There are candy corn and vampire teeth.

There are Princess Belles’ and Prince Charmings’.

The nights are full of spooky things,

that disappear in the sun’s pleasant rays.


Crazy days come in November,

when it is time for Thanksgiving.

There is mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies.

There are large turkeys and cold ice-cream.

The afternoons are full of clattering plates,

and the cheerful chatter of family.


Crazy days come in December

when it is time for Christmas.

There is hot chocolate and yummy eggnog.

There is banana crème pie and canned yams.

The evenings are filled with twinkling lights and rustling,

filled to the brim with love and laughter.


Crazy days come in December,

when it is time for a new year.

There are party hats and sparkling juice.

There are football jerseys and falling balls.

The dead of night is full of whoops and cheers,

rooting for the brand new year.


Crazy days come in Febuary

when it is time for hearts and love.

There are pink candies and little note cards.

There are hearts and ribbons, soaring cupids.

The bright day is filled with swooning girls,

and young heart-throbs.


Crazy come in April,

when it is time for Easter.

There are baskets and eggs.

There is candy and fake grass.

The mornings are full of squealing children,

trying to find their hidden delights.


Crazy days are from June to September,

when it is time for summer vacation.

There is suntan lotion and bikinis.

There are vacations and light clothing.

The days and nights are filled with sunny heat,

children’s laughter, and adults sighs of relief.


Crazy days for everyday,

when the years pile up.

There is Mondays to Sundays.

There is midnight to midday.

The year is filled to its seams

with crazy days for everyone.

The End

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