out of the box of twenty-four,
the colors of life emerged,
one by one, they came my way
and the heart within me surged,

they danced and pranced, they swirled and whirled,
they painted such a glorious sight,
this confluence of color , this tempest of tint,
filled my eyes with a pallette so bright.

the strawberry red and the blueberry blue
came together to make deep, purple grapes,
and the cinnamon brown and the tangerine orange
created huggable, loveable apes,

the summer grass green and dandelion yellow
looked quite natural in the field that they made,
while the cerulean blue and the puffy, snow white
looked down on this countryside glade.

the carnation pink and the apricot peach
became a flower of delicate grace,
while the scarlet macaw and the sapsucker yellow
flew gracefully all over the place,

the bold lime green and the lemon yellow
and even the most temptable apple red,
drew to existence all the dreams
that she had in her beautiful, honey-gold head.

but with one final gaze and with one final thought,
she knew still had something to say,
so she wrote with a scrawl with the black and the gray,
“Thank you, God, for making the world

... in this wonderful, colorful way.”

The End

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