This is the existence of the comatose
breathing slowly when your lungs cave in
I make mistakes, yeah I almost thrive on them
I don’t expect you to forgive me for anything
No, I don’t expect you to forgive me for anything
This damage is a part of who I am
I saw the same scars upon you
but your hesitance drew me in
How could I have known it was all over
when I was the one who finished it?
This is the existence of the comatose
I’ll live forever knowing less
than I do now

You didn’t appreciate it and you said it was uncalled for
It’s true, I’ll hold my hands up in defeat
So forget about me while you still can
I’ll find another way to dream
I’ll smile as my mind goes stale
Gotta love the crashing of the ocean waves
over the unmanned ships
that wander in this world
just waiting to capsize

Shot yourself in the heart now move on
Shot yourself in the heart now move on

He eye-fucked me and I wanted to hurt him
rip through the skin and bruise his pretty-boy face
He’ll have a face that even the blind will find repulsive
Ah envy, you’ve been away for far too long
So glad I got out of there, I have to leave
but I’m still trapped there like a fucking moron
Shot myself in the heart but I’m better for it
Shotgun and roses make everything better
yet I’ll hop the train and wait for the tracks to end
I’ll find my way home and crash tonight
I’ll find my way home and the nightmare will end

No, I’m not gonna ask for forgiveness
because we both know I’m in the wrong
I listened to friends, listened to the drink
Now you can remove me from your life
so you can grow
you can start again

That part of my life will soon be lost
they’ve forgotten my name
and recall only the true desecration
I’m happy here, in this serene emptiness
while waiting for someone to fill the void
Yeah, thoughts will come and thoughts will go
but I’ve learned never to act upon them
So forget all the delusions
So forget all the deranged actions
Forget all the possibilities
Forget all the plans
Forget everything that reminds me of you
Forget everything that reminds you of me
We’re two fireflies just fluttering into the twilight
Forget what we have done
Just learn and overcome
before I lose my mind

The End

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