Hi, this is my first time really writing anything, but i had an idea and i'd love any feedback people could give me, good or bad. I wrote it the way i would perform it which is why the spelling/language isn't perfect. Also this is unfinished as it stands and i would love to build and add to it with any advice :) so thanks again for taking the time to read.

Sucker punch, reality hits her
Realising there's another life in the picture
Staring blank faced
At the torn up blister
She took the test out from,
Sitting right with her
What's right with her?
Scrollin on her phone through that nights Pictures
(It was) just supposed to be
her and the bitches
but a couple too many
(talkin bout pitchers)
and she ends up in the back room
with god knows who
'did he have a tattoo?'
maybe maybe not
she's got his baby what?
she's got his baby
shit she's got his baby
titanic startin to sink in
eyes panic ceasin the blinkin
Self loathin what the fuck were you thinkin??
Six months later and she's finished with inkin
Courage on her wrists next to the scars,
remind her when it gets tough, look at the stars
Not look down at how far she came
She knows now nothins gonna be the same
And if she goes back that insane pain was in vain tryna feign joy in vain when she knew her veins were plain, fake smiles to no gain she'd rather been insane than in a sane frame of mind but it made time to realign and realise she alive at least, found faith, turned to the east cos her baby daddy beat her, regular occurrence, she tried calling the cops on a domestic disturbance but that just threw coals on the fire in his furnace, to the cops he was earnest, they're not white the cop made the observance took the other cheek and he turned it, enjoy your night officer you've definitely earned it
He bolted the door and looked her straight in the eye
Bitch ima beat you so bad that baby gon die
She dropped to her knees and started to cry
The first couple blows caught her by surprise
She tried to push him off fearin for her life
grabbing at the counter reaching for a knife
He turns around to catch his breath
So she lunges at him sticks the knife in his leg
Scrambles to her feet with what energy's left
You fuckin bitch, you're so fuckin dead!
She stops in her tracks and kicks him in the head
You the bitch motherfucker lucky I don't leave you for dead!
Last words she said to him
Got the restraining order approved
Judge showed admiration and told her he was moved
You were constantly beaten and horribly abused
But showed courage in the end and refused to be used
And im glad you did cos you had everything to lose
That baby inside you should take pride in your moves

The End

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