Couples in Paradox

How much do I love thee? Can you count the ways...

My darling, my lover, my poetical muse

To get rid of you I’ll try any ruse.


You’re exactly what I always waited for

I kick myself now for opening the door.


Mornings you’re most amorous and tender

Why can’t the newspaper be a little longer?


When you touch me like that I go weak in my knees

But it may be arthritis shooting through the genes.


Made for each other was coined for us, you said

It made we wish that the inventor was dead. 


The safest place in the world is your shoulder

But the stink from your armpits is a total spoiler.


Your eyes like twinkling stars shine

I wonder what you’re upto this time.


You come loaded with gifts from your business trips

They’re ghastly! I’ll pass them to your mother and sis.


You make provisions for every eventuality

But hundred plus socks drive me to insanity.


I’m sure of your love in my next life

Where will you get a better wife?

The End

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