Council Estate

Poem that came into my head whilst walking home. Then written and polished later on. Enjoy!

The tunnel closes in behind

The metallic webbing stretches across the skyline.

It seals me within it's cold embrace.

Orange rust. Peeled paint. Acrylic spray

Shows the name of lovers past.

Carved like trees in this steely forest.

The gravel underfoot slopped think with tar.

The stones die. Bitumen oceans and fossilised.

Mud and tyre tracks break the veins of grime

Grass weed from crevice thrust for the overcast skies.

A clutter of musical tunes rumble the streets

Plastic covered grinding animals. Automobiles.

Within screech parasitic beings sheltered from wind and rain

Huddled for warmth as they jump host to host.

Grey marbled concrete blocks, tens of stacked eyes 

Inside bugs scuttle along the underbelly like lice.

Each day the insects crawl from this giant creature,

9 to 5, 9 to 5 they march onward for valued papers

gleaming disks of golden colour stored in plastic cards.

Soulless, meaningless insects.

The End

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