Couldn't They Think Of A Better Word Than SuicideMature

At dusk the rope screams tighter 

By dawn i can no longer be a fighter 

Im trying not to bend, not to break 

But no one is holding my back for no gods sake 

Inhale another second of your life away

Thanks to this lighter 

Its so hard to not give in today 

When the surrounding darkness gets no lighter 

Was it me you think of when your wrists are sore? 

I could feel your pain at my very core 

Did it ever cross your mind? 

That im one of a kind 

I lost it long ago but my sanity is what i need to find 

Is death the answer to this pain? 

Gnawing at my soul, driving me insane 

Again it comes full circle, as i knew it would 

My wrists are bleeding out, i fought as long as i could 

Razor blades and telephone cables 

You'll fins a well written note on all the tables 

It will seem unreal, like a fable 

Hold steady, just stay stable 

The ground will rebuild itself 

Ashes in the wind is where ill find myself 

When im dead dont bother with flowers 

Pointless leaves that decay with the hours 

Ill never see them, for there's nothing beyond this 

When your dead everything i missed will be what i cant miss 

Along with the scent of your hair and the feel of your lips 

The look in your eyes and the way you moved those hips

The End

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