Could Sally Say YesMature

It occurred to me this morning that we have made such a saint of Thomas Jefferson, painted him as such an enlightened man, that we just kind of assume him to be this slave owner who really didn't treat his slaves as slaves... I mean after all he took Sally to Paris! All this stirred up for me because three really sick brothers in Ohio kept three women in captivity for a decade...

Could Sally Say Yes

Could Sally say 'yes'

as Tom tore off her dress

and had his wanton way?

Was she free to say 'no'?

Did Tom love her so?

Was she a slave only in name?

Back from 'Gay Paree'

was she still treated as free?

Were the other slaves treated the same?

Did she sign with an 'X'?

Was it consensual sex?

Did Sally have any say?

Did Tom call it love?

Iron fist, velvet glove...

Did his ardor ever decay?

Was he in denial

as to the cause of her smile?

Was it just a role that she played?

Did he see it as wrong?

Did she just go along?

Because at the end of the day

it didn't matter 'no' or 'yes'

she was never a guest

as long as she wore the word slave.

The End

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