Cosmo's Dark Matter

A strange sound was uttered

Below the heathen grave of a fallen knight

Ceased by the wind, this bird had crashed within this night

Defeated and torn, soon this bird would be a sad, sad sight

Ever living would be thy song, for this land has lost its light

Forgotten for all of time, one cannot say it has been bright

Ghastly grey were her feathers and eyes, for she had been in a fight

Hath thou no shame at hand? Deeds by a being without sense for right

I wonder so greatly, how I still can stand as tremendeous and blight

Joy be now but a mere myth, deeply buried within our might

Keenly and gently exploiting it, to summon your fright

Loving of this raven, we shall do what we can to remain blithe

May the last thing you'll see be your crushed and long false faith

Norther and upstreams, back to the bird who lost her trace,

Oblivion is a not so far away notion, this can be seen in her face

Pacing very near, is the sweltering solitude, gazing with his grace

Quietly he guards these withering hearts from falling from their base

Rumours are soon roaring, now that the wind broke this mace

Sayeth this whisper of a grimmer truth, the soul took ablaze

The bitter truth is, there never was a sky to embrace...

Under the soil, in the decaying body, the mind is freed from its voice

Voice of an hopeless will to give their earth another choice

When all these fallen knights have lost their inner voice,

Xanadu is a memory lost, and wont ever be to our rejoice

Yet in the aftermath of the apocalypse's noise,

Zodiac's light will guide our last path

The End

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