Skin Like MilkMature

She has skin like milk and she screams when he fucks her
Wonder about her family standing around emaciated
she lives and kills them through disappointment
sorry I wasn’t perfect or a sadness you cared to kill
Backwards track took home through the left exit of nowhere
Life’s a poison I will taste

I pretend to scream initially repressed but inside
I found nothing worth writing or caring about such a belief
you find resilience that you are taboo
there’s a hymen inside the earth fucked and broken like so much I wouldn’t dare
did he come on your chest?
Anything you get off on just to stand and let him piss on you

If we cry exodus then line us all up and shoot us down
everyone is the same lecherous asshole we cared not the love
love love love what a fallible joke as long as you can relieve your body you don’t need it

So much for who I was who I am who I will be
nothing has changed give me some of that
Back where I thought I lost you
was when I found myself

The End

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