Pornographic ShadowsMature

Make me write another one  a perfect pop song
Course you tried
You letting him come over your leg guess I am the same letting people see my
own intimate thoughts
Fucking stripes on my head
ahhhh I want to become a dying being so I can let it all go

I broke off all my loving

I can’t I can’t I can’t I’ll let everyone do it for me

Let that pretty boy rape me so I can have a hit few bumps off the top of the chart

Open you pussy up wide let everyone spew inside I know it can never be me

I hate pornography but I let myself become otherise I can’t fuck I hate my boy I hate my testosterone suppose you think you are better awwwhhhh
But I am going to let myself rot to life rot to life

I am dirty and so are you

This is why I need to lose Niandra found a hole in my head

Spirits have betrayed me and you have betrayed me ahhh

The End

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