Climb into HeaVen and DiEMature

Pass me around and break me
You’ll never notice that my face is simply slashed on
Your body against mine with the stars
that come cutting down
I stubbed too many cigarettes out on my arms
And I feel happy for once

Anytime you wanna sleep around
I’m not here because I am afraid
You scare me, you really do
Give me any spirit to be abused oh
the world won't know me until I hang myself

Stuck to the same transcendent frame of mind
I will scream until you know me no more
I am sick of life even death is a bore
Cut my eyes and I will finally see you
for who you really are
Let them come on you
Make me watch

And he tells me everyone is kissing her and so should I
What am I? Just a fucking waste of space

It’s my fault for ever caring oh the fields run red
I scar my mind and I am alright
Give me a clever decency oh the landscape
is not real to me
it never was
and it never will be

The End

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