Corner Thing

Just releasing some pent-up emotion. As well as lacing it with self-bashing as usual.

I sit here alone,
same as always,
in the shadows
and away from everything...
It's for defence.
My back pressed against the lifeless wall.
Some say it's my disadvantage
but I'd prefer seeing my enemy attack and die
then be caught by surprise...
Though that won't happen.
Who would look my way?
The thing of such disgrace
hiding in the shadows where she belongs, right?
I keep my distance
getting close only causes pain
and battle scars...
Will no one see me here?
Or am I left for dead
like so many others.
Not even worth the time...
And for that I will agree
it's...i'm...not worth the time.
So my punishment is also my elysium
how ironic...

The End

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