Copper Hearts

This is a thing. I don't why its a thing, but it is. I think this is a good thing though, so its okay that it exists.

If I had a penny for every time I thought of you
late at night,
I’d have a pile of pennies
mountain high,
battling Mount Everest
for space in the sky.

I’d have a city built in copper gold,
paved in tinny bronze.

Statue of pretend gold,
in the heart of my city’s chest.
for the whole world to see;

For it is of your shining face
that I dream.

Copper hearts beating in our chests,
locked in gold-plated chests without keys to be found,
I’ve got a framed picture of you on the mantle,
before my silver lined inner clockwork was dismantled
I’m, running out of time,
but time has never been on our side;
has it?

Penny for your thoughts,my love,
penny for the thoughts that
strike me into candescent silence with the sheer
intensity of your feeling;
Tin man with a heart,
Robot with a need,
a craving,
a desire to love
and be

“In your copper heart,I trust.”

If I had a penny for every time I thought of you
and the way you speak,
breathe as you lean into me,
if I had a penny for every time
I thought of how you exist in me,
in the very way that I move and
breeze through my day
just to feel your metallic heart carve a new mantra
into mine late at night,
I’d have a mountain of pennies,
a thousand miles high.

The End

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