Coping MeasuresMature

Another fuck. Another cut.

Another drink. Another drug.

Anything to stop the pain.

Anything that numbs me.

Wanna be numb to the pain but also feel something.

Am I more than just a fuck and is this more than just a cut?

How 'bout another drink or maybe some ecstasy?

Looks like I'm starting to feel again better cut a little deeper.

Maybe that'll lessen the pain.

I may never feel loved again but at least I'm a decent fuck.

Gotta put back on the mask again, time to pop another pill.

Looks like I have to cut again while the others are bleeding still.

Gotta put back on that smile again, can let nobody see.

All the pain I am going through, the pain you gave to me.

This is just my way of coping now so really what's the harm?

The End

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