Conversing With The Devil.

Temptation is in bloom today

As I'm told just what to do

Subtle lies and deceit

Get me to stab a knife in you


Subtlety is how he moves

It's how he makes me fall

Rip apart what I know is good

Answering the dark call 


No I won't budge, I won't move

I will shout into his face

But still I do it, still I go on

Fall further from true grace


It's so hard to stop myself

A tear runs down my cheek

I feel broken, wrong and used

I feel horribly weak


And I know that once again

I will say, no, no more

But still I will go on and finally

Be left bleeding on the floor


Temptation roams free in me

I cannot hold it in

I don't know how long I'll be

Trapped, I cannot win


Bleeding screaming innocence

But I can't lie anymore

I keep falling again and again

And I can't close the door


Someone help me

I'm calling out

Will someone save me please

I'm drowning in my doubt 

The End

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