Yes, you guessed it. I have issues with urban living :)

For poems or paragraphs with a conversational format.
Or they could be about an important conversation.
Or even a completely inconsequential one...

Do you like apartments?


But there's not really any difference between them and flats.

     There is.


     They're boxes


     I don't like boxes

Flats are boxes too

     People keep trying to put me in boxes

And they're just as big

     I hate boxes


You can get apartments right in the city centre

     Last night I couldn't sleep

Close to everything

     Dunno why, I just couldn't

Don't you hate the $1 bus fare?

     So I climbed out my barred window


     Onto the iron roof


     In the pouring rain


     Sheltered by a fleece of midnight blue


     Until the sky lightened and my pillow was sodden


Apartments are more modern

     They're all the same

The ones up high are best

     On top of all the other boxes

You have no real argument


You're just being stubborn.


The End

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