Conversation Starter

If words could talk, if your work could talk, what would it say?

Ah, yes, hello

Come in

Nice to meet you

Welcome home

Welcome back

Grab a seat

Lets have a chat.

That's right

Pick up a pencil

Grab a pen

Paper? Lined or empty

or maybe coloured in?

Or how about another way

to tap away on a computer set.

What shall we

write about today?

Fiction, humour

love or loss?

Something found or

Something lost?

Or what about

something different

Something strange and new?

How do you

want me to be?

Stanza-ed , lined,

thought about the beat?

What about the rhymes?

Short or long

fast or slow

sections the same length

or stanzas-to-go?

Come in

Settle down

Have a sear

Take a pen

Lets see where

this poem goes...

The End

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