Controversial Opinions

I'm intrigued to see what a reader's perspective is on this, don't be shy!

I look at all the funny places,

Oh look at the formed faces..

All the same,

Nothing left to gain,

But who's to blame?

Let the clouds cluster

And watch the rain

As hard as it is, watch the pain

All gone, all drained..

Do your own, and invent what you please

Roam far off, far alone

Unknown visions, followed by

Cuts, bruises, deep incisions

See the scarlet bleed,

Don't worry..

Lot's will feed

This is rough, gain the bone

This is tough

Enough is enough!

No more,

So sore..

What, that's it?

No way, too much still to say!

Discoveries to be made,

Many lives yet to invade

Tons left to raid

Much ahead, no time for rest!

No bed, many more to feed,

This is the ultimate time of need..

Perhaps greed?


The End

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